1967 Camaro RS – $2,700

Camaro Project Car

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This looks to be one of those failed restoration projects. You know, the kind where the guy has been working on it for an hour a month for the last 6 years and still doesn't seem to be making any progress? It also looks to have some questionable 80's upgrades like the wide meats in the back and the aftermarket louvers on the rear window.There's a small block Chevy 350 sitting under the hood now with a 680 CFM Holley double pump carb (can you say overkill?) but this was originally a 6 cylinder Camaro when it rolled off the Norwood, OH assembly line. It's been partially sand blasted (not media blasted) so you know there's lots of sand hiding in the cracks just waiting to screw up any future paint job. It's been off the road for 15 years and hasn't fired up in over 4.

Maybe this would be a fun car to tinker with, but it's probably not worth a full restoration. It doesn't have a lot going for it other than just being a classic Camaro.

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