1970 Torino 429SCJ – $4050

'70 Ford Torino 429 Drag Pack

Recently Sold on eBay for $4050

In 1970 the Ford Torino stopped being a sub-model of the Fairlane and really came into its own at the height of the musclecar era. It was a big car, but came with some big muscle under the hood too.

This particular 1970 Torino was crammed with the biggest engine possible; a 429 Super Cobra Jet Ram Air. (The 5th digit in the VIN being a J) This 4 bbl big block engine was rated at 375 hp and 450 lb/ft of torque.  It also has the rare Ram Air hood scoop, although you can't tell from the photos whether this car still has the original hood. (How people sell cars with these horrible pictures I'll never know.) The original 429 SCJ engine is gone sadly and a 302 currently rests under the hood. The original engine probably would have shot the buying price over $7,000.

This Torino was ordered with the Drag Pack option, which turns a Cobra Jet car into a Super Cobra Jet. It came with a 4.30 rear end with a Detroit Locker  as well as engine oil cooler and solid lifters. Other options according to the Marti Report include a 4 speed manual transmission, bench seat, F70X14 Tires & Bright Yellow Paint.

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