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1971 Challenger – $1,550

Dodge Challenger flood victim?

Recently sold on eBay for $1,550

This 1971 Challenger looks like it might have been a flood victim. Check out the dirt right up to the belt line and those mud caked wheels and tire. It sure looks like it sat in water and sediment for a few days or even weeks. Which of course means lots of rust everywhere, even beyond the obvious in the front fenders, wheel wells and lower door skins. Read more on 1971 Challenger – $1,550…

1970 Dodge Super Bee for $3999

383 Super Bee with 4 speed and lost of rust

Recently sold on eBay for $3999

From the right angle this 1970 Dodge Super Bee doesn’t look too bad. But as you get closer you can almost hear the rust eating away this great muscle car. Check out the shot of that trunk floor! Read more on 1970 Dodge Super Bee for $3999…

1974 Challenger for $250

’74 Challenger – Total rust bucket!

Recently sold on eBay for $250

Can you believe a ’74 Dodge Challenger sold for only $250? You will after you see the photos. This is one muscle car that’s never going to see the road again. Read more on 1974 Challenger for $250…

1968 Charger R/T 426 HEMI

Once proud HEMI sits in the weeds

This 1968 HEMI Charger was a theft recovery more than 30 years ago and has been rusting away ever since. The factory Dark Green paint and white vinyl top have been replaced with so much rust that it’s probably not worth saving, especially since it’s factory 426 HEMI is long gone.

Read more on 1968 Charger R/T 426 HEMI…

1971 Charger R/T 440 for $3800

Is this 440 Charger just a parts car?

Recently sold on eBay for $3,800

This is a prime example of a classic, and very collectible Mopar. But it seems to be missing more parts than it has. If everything (or even most of everything) was in place this big block Charger would be worth some serious coin. The original Air Grabber hood alone would be worth $1,500-2,000. Read more on 1971 Charger R/T 440 for $3800…

1972 Challenger 318 for $2275

’72 Challenger in the Weeds

Recently sold on eBay for $2,275

This classic Mopar is a sad example of a perfectly good muscle car sitting in the weeds and waiting to be rescued. In fact the weeds have almost totally overgrown the rear! Who knows how much rust is hiding under all that greenery, but it has a new owner now so I’m sure they’ll find out soon enough

Read more on 1972 Challenger 318 for $2275…

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