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1969 Torino Talladega 428 CJ – $4200

428 CJ Talladega “field find”

Recently Sold on eBay for $4200

More of a “field find” than a “barn find”, this 1969 Talladega Torino had been sitting in a pasture since 1989. It had been left to rot and was on it’s way to being parted out when the seller decided to put it up on eBay and a bidder took her home for $4200.

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1967 Mustang Coupe – $600

Mustang used as storage shed

Recently sold on eBay for $600

This 1967 Mustang coupe is storing as much junk as the shed next to it!  And check out the weeds growing up through the engine bay!

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1965 Mustang GT didn’t hit reserve

’65 Mustang GT Coupe sits in yard

Didn’t meet reserve price

This GT coupe was recently on eBay and got up to $3400, but didn’t meet the reserve. It’s a factory GT which has some value, but it’s a coupe and not a K code 289. The 1965 Mustang convertible and fastback GT’s are where the money is. Read more on 1965 Mustang GT didn’t hit reserve…

1967 Mustang Coupes – Two for $1775

Twin ’67 Ford Mustang Coupes

Recently Sold for $1775

Here’s a pair of Mustang coupes that recently sold. They’ve obviously been sitting for years gathering rust and waiting for their owner to get started on their restoration. Neither is a particularly rare muscle car. They’re small block cars; one is a C code 289-2v and the other a slightly more desirable A code 289-4v. The A code is fairly nicely optioned with a C4 automatic, air conditioning, power disc brakes and power steering. It even had a black vinyl top, which would explain some of the surface rust. Read more on 1967 Mustang Coupes – Two for $1775…

1967 Mustang Convertible – $1651

’67 Ford Mustang Convertible

Recently Sold for $1651

This convertible pony is in bad shape. Years of sitting in the midwest “rust belt” has probably decayed it beyond possibility of a restoration, but maybe not for the right buyer. It actually runs and drives if you believe it. The mechanics aren’t in bad shape. Well, not as bad as the body at least.

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1970 Torino 429SCJ – $4050

’70 Ford Torino 429 Drag Pack

Recently Sold on eBay for $4050

In 1970 the Ford Torino stopped being a sub-model of the Fairlane and really came into its own at the height of the musclecar era. It was a big car, but came with some big muscle under the hood too.

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1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback – $12,100

’69 Shelby Mustang GT500 Project

Recently sold on eBay for $12,100

Not many cars in this condition would still fetch over $12,000 but a classic Shelby Mustang is certainly one of them. This GT500 that sold recently is in pretty bad shape, although it certainly could be worse. It’s just a shell really and missing all the hard stuff to find like it’s 428 CJ engine, 4 speed transmission, Ram Air hood, 9″ rear end, big block motor mounts, Shelby front fiberglass clip and fenders, etc.

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1967 Mustang Convertible 390GT – $5000

’67 Ford Mustang “S” code 390

Recently Sold for $5000

I understand this is a rare car, but someone paid $5,000 for this hacked up shell??? Really? It’s missing all the floor pans, both rear quarter skins, the entire trunk floor. You almost wonder if the person who bought it just want the VIN to transfer over to a convertible in better shape. Definitely not legal, but this VIN could boost a nice plane-jane Mustang convertible more than $5,000 in value probably. Hopefully that’s not what happened and this rusted Mustang is on it’s way to a full restoration.

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1956 Ford Thunderbird for $4,999

Classic 1956 T-bird Convertible

Sold recently on eBay for $4999

Someone got a good deal on this ’56 Thunderbird. You don’t usually see the popular Classic 1955-1957 Tbirds as project cars like this. What a great little 2 seater roadster to fix up.

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1957 Ford Ranchero for $1,000

’57 Ranchero Barn Find

Recently Sold for $1000 on eBay

While not exactly a musclecar, the Rancheros from the late 50’s are just cool. And this was the very first year of production; 1957. This one probably qualifies as a “barn find” since it’s been sitting untouched since 1974. That’s over thirty five years just waiting for the right buyer to come find her and take her home for a resto.

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