1964 Corvette Convertible – $6,300

'64 Corvette - Can it be salvaged?

Recently Sold for $6300 on eBay

Here's another classic Corvette that's finally been given a chance at a new life. This 1964 Corvette has been sitting for years and years. It's been wrecked in the front, but the body from the cowl back is still in good shape. Front clip obviously has been long gone. The frame unfortunately was damaged, but could be repaired in all likelihood. VIN numbers match between body and frame, although the original drive train is no longer there. Daytona Blue was the original color with blue interior.

These C1 Corvettes are getting harder and harder to find each year. That's probably why the $6300 price tag on this one that's questionable for restoration purposes. It will hopefully be salvaged and brought back to life, but probably not at a profit. The person who restores this one will probably be doing so for sentimental reasons rather than to flip it and make some cash. Either way, good luck to the new owner! Hope to see it on the show circuit in the next few years.

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