1967 Camaro Convertible – $880

Worlds Roughest 1967 Camaro Convertible

Recently Sold for $880 on eBay

The seller aptly titled this recent eBay auction as, "the world's roughest 1967 Camaro convertible" and it's hard to argue with him. Personally I can't believe he even got $880 for it. The fact that it's a convertible must have convinced someone it was worth saving.

The seller said he got it out of a guys backyard in Washington DC (ie. rust city) where a torch had been used to cut the sub-frame off in front of the firewall. There's so much rust he says that the cowl has separated from the windshield frame and firewall. Floor boards and trunk are totally rotted through with rust.

But hey, it was a factory red car! Hard to beat a red 1967 Camaro convertible! For more Camaro project cars for sale check out the auctions below.

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