1967 Chevrolet Camaro – $750

Totally Stripped '67 Camaro

Recently Sold for $750 on eBay

The selling price might sound like a steal at first, but the buyer didn't get much for his money on this 1967 Camaro for sale on eBay. It's basically just a shell; no interior, no engine, no transmission, no gauges, no windshield, no grill or bumpers. Actually there were a few extra parts tossed in the back of a pickup truck that came with the auctioned Camaro, but not a lot useful there.

There aren't too many pictures, but you can clearly see daylight through the trunk, so you know there was lots of rust throughout the car. Same with the floor pans. There was no VIN given so the original engine, transmission and options are a mystery. Who knows, maybe the buyer got some super rare Camaro once he got the shell home and decoded the VIN. But... probably not.

This might have been a good deal if you just wanted a shell for a Pro Street Camaro project, but for restoration you'll find better deals out there. Check out some of the current Camaro auctions below.

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