1969 Camaro RS X-11 – $2,650

1969 Camaro RS X-11 Rust Bucket

Recently Sold for $2,650 on eBay

This was a recent 1969 RS X-11 project Camaro for sale. The owner started his restoration several years ago, but as often happens other life commitments got in the way and now the wife says it's got to go. Of course he tore it down completely and half the peices are probably scattered everywhere. Why can't people just leave the car intact until they're ready to restore it?

The "X-11" tag was played up in the sale, but it's not really an indicator of value. Some think it means the Camaro is an SS, but the X11 code simply stands for "Style Trim Group". Yes, SS cars were X11 code cars, but not all X11 were SS cars. They could have been anything from a 6 cylinder to a RS/SS model.

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