1970 Dodge Super Bee for $3999

383 Super Bee with 4 speed and lost of rust

Recently sold on eBay for $3999

From the right angle this 1970 Dodge Super Bee doesn't look too bad. But as you get closer you can almost hear the rust eating away this great muscle car. Check out the shot of that trunk floor!

Although there is a 383 under the Ramcharger hood, it's not the original one. The four speed transmission and bellhousing are scattered to the winds too. The interior is a slightly better story. It's in poor shape, but at least it's mostly intact. There's even a Tic Toc tachometer and lower console.

But the rust is the real story and makes you wonder why the new owner paid almost $4000 for this. Yes, they're cool muscle cars, but there's a ton of expensive body work to do before this Super Bee is road worthy again. The photos of the trunk and rear quarters should be a huge red flag that there's much more rust where that came from. And not just surface rust, but serious, swiss cheese type rust that can only be fixed by complete panel replacement.

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