1972 Challenger 318 for $2275

'72 Challenger in the Weeds

Recently sold on eBay for $2,275

This classic Mopar is a sad example of a perfectly good muscle car sitting in the weeds and waiting to be rescued. In fact the weeds have almost totally overgrown the rear! Who knows how much rust is hiding under all that greenery, but it has a new owner now so I'm sure they'll find out soon enough

The Dodge Challenger was a shot lived muscle car, being made only from 1970-1974. It came a little late to the cubic inches party that the Mustang and Camaro already dominated, and the spiking fuel costs of the 70's probably contributed to it's short life.

This particular Challenger for sale isn't especially rare, although the classic Challenger has a great body style with a very aggressive stance. This one decodes out to be a 318 2bbl car, so no fire under the hood, despite the hood scoop obviously added by a past owner.  The seller tells the all too common story of buying the Challenger years ago with the hopes of restoring it. But time and money got in the way and so it's found a new home now. Good luck to the new owner. We'd love to see it on the road again!

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