1967 Mustang Convertible – $1651

'67 Ford Mustang Convertible

Recently Sold for $1651

This convertible pony is in bad shape. Years of sitting in the midwest "rust belt" has probably decayed it beyond possibility of a restoration, but maybe not for the right buyer. It actually runs and drives if you believe it. The mechanics aren't in bad shape. Well, not as bad as the body at least.

The story is actually kind of sad. It was taken to a body shop where the owner put down a large deposit to have them go ahead and do all the body work. Well they got as far as totally tearing down the body panels and then determined that it was going to take too much work. So it was dragged out next to this field and left, totally stripped out and open to the elements.
Another money pit muscle car sitting in the weeds! Very sad.

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