Two 1966 Mustangs for $510

Pair of 1966 Mustang Coupes

Recently Sold for $510

You can still get some good deals on classic Mustangs if you're willing to do the work on some serious projects. Take this recent sale on eBay for example. Two 1966 Mustang coupes sold for only $510. That's a pretty decent deal if you can salvage one and use the other as a parts car.

One is a 6 cylinder (you can tell by the 4 lug wheels) so that would be the better parts car unless you are into the 200 straight six engines. Which some people are. They're great little engines that go forever and need very little maintenance. They also get great mileage for a 45+ year old car. But if you want a V8 (like most people do) then you could restore the 2nd Mustang which is a 289 C-code car.

If you're sorry you missed this deal then check out some of the current auctions below. You might find a great deal on a project car just like these.

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