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1969 Corvette 427 – $5,200

4 speed 427 Corvette Coupe

Recently Sold for $5200 on eBay

How long do you think this ’69 Corvette has been gathering dust in some backwoods garage? Try 30+ years! But it’s a “dry storage” according to the seller. This Vette was hit hard in the distant past which bent the frame and trashed the front clip. The front clip is workable. The frame maybe not so much.

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1968 Corvette L71 – $2,700

427 cid Corvette Coupe Chassis

Recently Sold for $2700 on eBay

The buyer got a good deal on this 1968 Corvette L71 if it is indeed a true big block car. The original 427 cars are well sought after and can bring serious money when restored. The L71 engine was the largest of the 427 big block Corvette engines available in 1968. With it’s tri-power intake system to pour in the gas the L71 was rated at 435 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. And it was fairly rare with less than 3,000 made. 1968 was the first of the generation C3 Corvettes.

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