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Forgotten 1953 Cadillac

Series 62 Cadillac rotting in the woods

This Cadillac was driven to it’s current resting spot in the woods almost 40 years ago. And there it still sits with the forest growing up around it and threatening to swallow it completely. It’s really a shame. Read more on Forgotten 1953 Cadillac…

1967 Mustang Coupe – $600

Mustang used as storage shed

Recently sold on eBay for $600

This 1967 Mustang coupe is storing as much junk as the shed next to it!  And check out the weeds growing up through the engine bay!

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1965 Mustang GT didn’t hit reserve

’65 Mustang GT Coupe sits in yard

Didn’t meet reserve price

This GT coupe was recently on eBay and got up to $3400, but didn’t meet the reserve. It’s a factory GT which has some value, but it’s a coupe and not a K code 289. The 1965 Mustang convertible and fastback GT’s are where the money is. Read more on 1965 Mustang GT didn’t hit reserve…

Two 1966 Mustangs for $510

Pair of 1966 Mustang Coupes

Recently Sold for $510

You can still get some good deals on classic Mustangs if you’re willing to do the work on some serious projects. Take this recent sale on eBay for example. Two 1966 Mustang coupes sold for only $510. That’s a pretty decent deal if you can salvage one and use the other as a parts car.

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